Milnerton Market Cape Town // portraits

Yesterday we went to the Milnerton Market… always interesting… Desmond says it’s depressing without a camera… so went with one. Enjoy. Interesting faces there… more here.

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Milnerton Flea Market
Visit an excellent junk and second-hand flea market where you can find t-shirts, car parts, computers, Tupperware, telephones, exercise machines, kitchen sets, CD’s, pancakes and ginger beer. The market with everything is open between 07:00 and 16:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Otto du Plessis Drive | Paarden Island | Cape Town


Cape Jazz / Hilton Schilder

Saturday night we went for a lovely dinner to Ganesh and afterwards for some live Cape Jazz to Tagore… awesome. Check out Hilton Schilder, I will surely get his CD!

The little things…

What a super chilled day with a walk around the Milnerton Market and a surf in Big Bay (Blouberg).  I realized it’s the little things that make happy (e.g. the feeling when I blowdry my hair)… and had to think of this lovely poem of Rilke.. Happy Sunday..

Die kleinen Dinge

Die meisten Menschen
wissen gar nicht, wie schön die Welt ist
und wie viel Pracht in den kleinsten Dingen,
in irgendeiner Blume, einem Stein,
einer Baumrinde oder
einem Birkenblatt sich offenbart.
Die erwachsenen Menschen,
die Geschäfte und Sorgen haben
und sich mit lauter Kleinigkeiten quälen,
verlieren allmählich ganz den Blick
für diese Reichtümer,
welche die Kinder,
wenn sie aufmerksam und gut sind,
bald bemerken
und mit dem ganzen Herzen lieben.

by Rainer Maria Rilke 1875-1926

Friday culture

What a beautiful day – sleeping late (7am), breakfast at the Kitchen, Michael Stevenson walk around, Goodman Gallery with an Awesome show on: Brett Murray “Hail to the thief” (check it out!!!) & Jewish Museum for the David Goldblatt show… and now off to shoot a wedding! Happy weekend! x

Established Cape Town based artist Brett Murray returns with a new body of satirical work that continues his acerbic attacks on abuses of power, corruption and political dumbness. Whereas his last show, Crocodile Tears, sought to parody Mbeki’s still-born African Renaissance, Hail to the Thief uses the populist imagery and language currently in vogue with the present powers that be , to mock and goad. Murray’s bronzes, etchings, paintings and silk-screens form part of a vitriolic and succinct censure of bad governance and are his attempts to humorously expose the paucity of morals and greed within the ruling elite.

David Goldblatt has been photographing and documenting South African society for over 50 years. Born in Randfontein in 1930 to parents who came to South Africa to escape the persecution of Lithuanian Jews in 1890, he was simultaneously part of privileged white society and a victim of religious persecution and alienation. Motivated by his contradictory position in South African society, Goldblatt began photographing this society, and in 1963 decided to devote all of this time to photography.

Home sweet home…

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This is how it looks like where I grew up at the moment… everything is covered in snow… my brother sends me an Adventskalender every day with pix from home… I miss it!


I love doing decorations like this… we made them in kindergarten and primary school all the time. Do it yourself!

pic by platinumblonde

DJ Roly Miller

Always when I see this image (I love it sooo much) I have to think of DJ Roly Miller whom I met in 2008. I love his music, listen to his song “God of heaven” on myspace.

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