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Milnerton Market Cape Town // portraits

Yesterday we went to the Milnerton Market… always interesting… Desmond says it’s depressing without a camera… so went with one. Enjoy. Interesting faces there… more here.

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Milnerton Flea Market
Visit an excellent junk and second-hand flea market where you can find t-shirts, car parts, computers, Tupperware, telephones, exercise machines, kitchen sets, CD’s, pancakes and ginger beer. The market with everything is open between 07:00 and 16:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Otto du Plessis Drive | Paarden Island | Cape Town


Cape Jazz / Hilton Schilder

Saturday night we went for a lovely dinner to Ganesh and afterwards for some live Cape Jazz to Tagore… awesome. Check out Hilton Schilder, I will surely get his CD!

I ♥ New Markets / Labia Market Cape Town

Things are happening in Cape Town. I am living the good life with many culinary highlights during the week and weekends, shooting many weddings, writing like a maniac, enjoying the sun and Desmond, meeting wonderful people…

I have seen it, but so far haven’t popped in, will do so soon! There’s a new market in Cape Town at the Labia Theatre (every Saturday I heard) The best setting for something wonderful!!

” A haven for all things vintage, retro and the like, You and me and everyone we know is fast becoming a one stop shop for all essential period fashion wares. The setting is the Labia Theatre, where nostalgia gives birth to contemporary ‘what goes around, comes around’.”

More info, of course, on the market’s website. The market’s name is youandmeandeveryoneweknow

Café Mozart

Cape Town is pumping, summer is here and I write like a maddo and loving it! This is also a new favourite, honestly worth to check out! Enjoy my little piece…

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Café Mozart Now Under Madama Zingara’s Wings

A lovely refurbished day-time restaurant next to the antique market in Church Street

‘She’ is everywhere in Cape Town. She, meaning the mysterious Madama Zingara. She is taking over our foodie city not as a chain restauarant but as a series of individual and cosy little spots where people can feel the love and, of course, magic. Her new baby Cafe Mozart re-opened in September 2010 and after some love-renovations and dreamful decorations in the antique corner of Church Street tourists and locals are sure to return to this magical space.

Café Mozart has been around for more than 35 years with different owners and in the old days one could listen to live classical music. The vibe of it’s dreamy interior and staff is love, nostalgia, different times and cultures all coming together. Beautiful antique cups hang from the ceiling and the Maneki Neko Cat with the moving arm peers down from the shelf. God Ganesh… you are free to think what you want with Madame Zingara’s prescence all around you.

An essence of love and magic

The Bombay Bicycle Club, the Sidewalk Café, Café Mozart and new addition Café Paradiso are all from one magic family of which Peta is a part of. Peta moved from the Sidewalk Café to manage Café Mozart and says “We aim to provide a sense of welcome, a home away from home and an essence of love and magic. We revamped what was and want to take Mozart back to what it was. We kept a lot of the old staff and we want people to appreciate the space.”

Food is one of the best reasons to visit with breakfast served till 12 including yummy omelettes, French Toast with halloumi, Pancake Steak, Muesli and many more options ranging between R20 and R48. Gourmet Sandwiches are filled with meat and vegetarian delights like the Open Bobotie Sandwich on whole wheat molasses bread or Roast Vegetables, mozarella and pesto (R30 – R45). Expect warm toasty options like sausage, egg and tomato served with salad (R26 – R31). 

Mozart Royale is highly recommended

I’m at Café Mozart for lunch and highly recommend the Mozart Royale Burger. “The chef is an artist” says our lovely waitress and it certainly looks like a piece of art served on a long white rectangular plate, the burger on one side, the artistic mix of sauces on the other with some super crispy fries to boot. I will certainly return for the Mozart Royale which is a feast for the eyes and super yummy.

Other lunch options include a buffet that changes daily, which I also have a nibble on, and lovely salads with seeds and different tastes (a regular plate costs R40). A board is inscribed with a choice of soups, salads, a mussel pot, fish and chips, Bobotie, pies, quiche, Schnitzel and aged sirloin at affordable prices. Plus, if there’s still space in your stomach, have a slice of lemon meringue pie, scones, brownies or another yummy desert.

This place is delicious, inside and outside, for the eyes and for the soul. Enjoy.

By Antonia Heil

PS: You can chill out and work here with free Wifi! Bargain! Plus you can enjoy the yummy delicacies as take aways. There is also a private dining room upstairs with a 12-seater table and a comfortable seating area which is ideal for meetings or functions.

Café Mozart
37 Church street | City Centre | Cape Town | +27 (0) 21 424 3774

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 7am – 4.30pm, Saturday: 8am – 3.30pm, closed on Sundays


Goldfisch in Hannover


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I studied in Hannover a few years and this was one of my very favourite spots: Goldfisch – a bar, a hang-out-place, where you could also get some yummy food and a ciabatta with tomatoe spread at midnight. Went there again in October and it still has it’s special feel. I love it. I miss it. In case you’re in Hannover, check it out. Come on, it’s Friday!!





While I visited friends, Des went to check out Berlin and took some awesome black and white shots. More here.

New exhibition @ whatiftheworld


TEETH ARE THE ONLY BONES THAT SHOW… (I love that… awesome!!!)


Whatiftheworld is pleased to present the first installment of the ‘Ilulwane Saga’ by Athi-Patra Ruga, entitled Teeth are the only bones that show…

In this exhibition Athi-Patra Ruga elaborates on an already dense personal iconography informed by influences as diverse as pop culture, theology, performance, ritual, and sociopolitical concerns. He presents us with visual propositions that challenge definitions of masculinity and highlight contemporary South African issues around sexuality, wealth, race and consumerism as a framework for identity. Mixing beach balls, Lamborghinis, French baroque, BEE, Cape Flats gangsters, Louis Vuitton, and Xhosa initiation rites, Ruga blends these seemingly disparate elements into his portrait of a complex and fluid society.

Go check it out, whatiftheworld is always an inspiration! x

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