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ask that yourself every day…


Lisa & Phil

And another shoot Des and I did in beautiful Kalk Bay! Enjoy. Happy Wednesday! x
More pix: Desmond Louw Photographers


playjumpeat…. isn’t that cool?! wow. Well done Kelly!

Supermarket Sarah

What a cool idea… Sarah decided to leave the corporate world behind her and has set up shop in her own home. Her home, round the corner from Portobello Market (Notting Hill, London) where she has a stall, is now overflowing with treasures and delights and she welcomes visitors with tea and cakes.

I found this wonderful website… beautifully done… you have to check it out: Supermarket Sarah! x I read in the press that “this is cutting edge” – an expression I dig!

Salad Club

I am a “foodie” and love the good stuff. Are you a foodie? Then check out this awesome website, the Salad Club and get some food-inspiration!

home is…

… District Six – that’s where I live and I loooove it… some impressions from yesterday. Happy Tuesday! x

Lions Head

We climbed up Lions Head with a bunch of friends Saturday morning and I just found this pic by Panascape Photography.

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