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Spring Sale Muizenberg


idea :)

… why not… use a Bashew’s bottle for flowers…

a little bit safari

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Last week I went to Aquila Game Reserve for a little bit of a game drive, lot’s of food and an excellent overnight stay. I decided that I love ostriches. Beautiful creatures. I heard it’s not true that they stick their heads into the ground… hmmm…

Bashew’s returnable bottle is turning 40

Do you remember Bashew’s cooldrinks? The cooldrink that is delivered in a woodcrate to your doorstep. Well, Bashew’s returnable bottle is turning 40 this year. Happy Birthday Bashew’s. A little story from my colleague here.

don’t fool yourself

true. Happy Tuesday. x
by leila


18.2 million South African adults drink instant coffee daily. The most popular brand is Ricoffy, consumed daily by 9 million adults.

Parker Fitzgerald

Parker Fitzgerald makes these cool things… I always remember the quotes and use them in my daily life …

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