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pom poms

Erinnert ihr euch noch an Pom Poms? Habe die Idee im Web gefunden und Dienstag gleich mal ausprobiert – Pom Poms aus Stoff – als Anstecker und Gebommel überall! Fetzi!
Do you guys remember pom poms? I fount the idea on the web and on Tuesday I did it myself – a pom pom out of material – as a brooch or anywhere… awesome.


Highlight: wedding in Matjiesfontein

I am very (!!!) proud to present the wedding Desmond and I shot last weekend! It was in stunning Matjiesfontein and we wanted to rock it and I guess we did! Lorryn and Leslie are now married and the party was just a jol!


Das ist die Hochzeit die Desmond und ich letztes Wochenende dokumentiert haben! Es war einfach nur grossartig in Matjiesfontein. Wir wollten es rocken und haben es auch geschafft. !!!! Wohooo!!!

More pictures on // Mehr Bilder auf  Desmond Louw Photographers Blog

Matjiesfontein // Maaikiesfontein

Last week Desmond and I went on a trainride for a 3-day-wedding-party in Matjiesfontein… even though it’s not that far away from Cape Town… it took hours and hours with the train – totally worth it and just soo good and awesome people on board.
Saturday morning we checked out Matjiesfontein (this place is a dream for photographers, feels like a movie-setting… wow) and then went for breakfast. And who walked in? My good old friend and sister Maaike! Small world? Yes. So here we go… Miss Maaike!

♡ (click on Links and check out her websites.. inspiring artist and jewellery designer)
the wedding was also very natural and special and inspiring for my own one day… pix coming soon!

WTF? XX looks like XX

Some people just have too much time or just a good idea. Now check this website out… it’s funny. really.

some wisdom

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a bissl weisheit

Freedom Day

Heute ist in Südafrika Freedom Day. Was bedeutet Freedom Day?
Today is Freedom Day in South Africa.

// new words // neue Wörter

bore-out…. something like a burn-out – just on a whole different level! I read it somewhere.

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