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Natalie & Richard



Natalie & Richard got hitched a few days before Christmas! They planned on getting married for quite some time, now it happened! Congrats you two! Your love for each other is visible! It was another day where we had to work with the rain but were so lucky to get dry shots in an awesome field!
All right, one more wedding to go today and our wedding-year 2010 is over! It was such a pleasure! We loved being part of so much love and emotion.

More pix here.


3 weddings in 3 days…

This surely was a wedding triathlon last weekend. Amazing. Wonderful. More pix on .. you know where.


last shoots…

December is somehow sleepless. We work lots, shoot lot’s of couples and weddings all over, love it, hardly sleep… enjoy the past shoots… more on Desmond Louw… loads more to come with 3 weddings this weekend! x











Luzanne & Charl’s beach wedding

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It’s super wedding season….

Have you ever been to Dwarskersbos on the west coast? There, you really can’t do anything else than relax and hang out at the beach.
So the one who gets married there, has to have a beach wedding. Luzanne & Charl (much loved by their friends: ’What you see is what you get’) had a proper beach wedding: a beach venue, amazing beachy stylish decorations, a beachy dress, white old LandRovers … this was a 100% beach. Excellent.
When you are South African, you might know, that Afrikaans boys and girls are dancers. I was always amazed by the talent and how they move it on the dance floor. The MC of the night explained: “Ahhh, you’re talking about windsurfing, have you ever tried it?” After a bit of confusion it became clear that windsurfing is what I used to call the Afri-dance. “All right”, he said, “I’m gonna take you for a spin”… so check the last picture and have a good laugh. Luzanne & Charl… enjoy the roadtrip, thanx for having us at your wedding! x Toni

more on DesmondLouw


Karen & Anton got hitched.

There’s a wedding every weekend and we had the pleasure to shoot another lovely couple… more on Desmond Louw Photographers.

Aiden & Celeste got… hitched

What a cool wedding we were part of on Saturday… more pix on our wedding site.


‘Can I afford a wedding planner?’

I interviewed wedding planner Pam Gray about several questions regarding weddings for work, even though personally, I am done with this. Enjoy.

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