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Happy New Year + moving on…

Happy New Year my dear readers! I hope 2011 will be double the size of 2010 – in all ways: love, happieness, opportunities, good jobs… Thanx for spending 2010 with me – workwise, friendwise and blogwise.

I decided to grow up and move on – is the same blog with a new (my) name. So please check there for new things: articles, photography, food, Cape Town and blogs!
Have a great day and hope to see and hear from you soon!! Toni

Ich bin umgezogen! Ab jetzt geht’s weiter auf! Bis bald!


famous Desmond in Konstanz

These are my 2 favourite pictures I took of Des in Konstanz (very close to Switzerland). People there looked at him like he’s a celebrity… people often tell me he looks like David Coulthard or a little bit like David Hasselhoff 🙂 .



Off to Europe.

Planned for so long, finally it’s happening. We are leaving South Africa… just for a couple of weeks, we’ll miss the summer that started here, but will enjoy all the family and friends over there…. Des, let’s hop on the plane. x

by Alice

this is for girls

.. don’t know why I’m so cheesy today… must be because I am getting married. x
found at justwannasayit

Mini commercial

For this 60-second adventure MINI used dramatic new methods in CG technology to show the versatility of the MINI Countryman in a way that defies the laws of space and time.

I like it.

tonight’s moon…

Thanx God for good cameras. x

coffee = passion

“Check this awesome flat white i just got!” – I just got this email from Des. Hilarious. x

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