Hey guys! I moved this blog to antoniaheil.com! Let’s meet over there!

Hello. I’m Antonia. i am a journalist and a writer for an online magazine living in Cape Town in South Africa. originally i’m from germany.

i am creative. i do radio documentaries, features. i write.  i take  pictures. i am a design lover. a food lover. a music lover. a piano  lover. a family lover. a friend lover. a life lover.

i put here whatever i find and like.

Süssigkeiten (german word for candy) is about sharing ideas, websites, ideas, places in Cape Town. in English & German.

– don’t keep it to yourself.

Please feel free to email me (antoniaheil at gmail.com).

My husband Desmond is an excellent photographer and he teaches me so well, that both of us  take lot’s of weddings and engagements. It’s fun. All about goofy/vintage/fun wedding (+ other) photography you find on our website www.desmondlouw.co.za Enjoy.

  1. Hey, great to see this video.

    Pop in to the roastery in Woodstock if you ever have time.


    • Liselle Mostert
    • December 6th, 2010

    Please. please change my email address…I miss receiving blogg info

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