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Grandpa Desmond

I know how much Desmond’s grandpa means to him… check this pic he took and he says:

“This is my grandpa, he is 86 and my inspiration (besides Toni).

He was still building houses a year ago and my parents house on the west coast was his last one. Its scary visiting him and driving up his drive way and seeing him on the roof just chilling and hosing the gutters, he is mad! He was my only financial supporter in my sport as a child and I’m very grateful for this.

He is one of a few persons still alive in SA that fought in world war 2!! I thought it would be cool seeing him again in his uniform, made him feel very special and my grandma had this sparkle in her eyes when she saw him, sweet hay?”


The Selby


SO, Des and I are back in Cape Town… already shot a wedding and tried to catch up on sleep and enjoyed summer a little bit. So many times mentioned before, but the Selby inspires me so much… since I’m a journalist and a little bit of a photographer, cool things come together… the pix tell such awesome stories… more of that please.

Hochzeit / wedding Antonia Heil & Desmond Louw

A sleepless night at an airport can lead to Desmond’s productiveness – more of our wedding pictures on

Desmond and I are married! // Frisch verheiratet! // I am a wife.

I am a wife. Just one quick pick of last Saturday.. we – Desmond & I –  did it, we are happy and on our way back to SA.. right now super exhausted at Doha airport. More pix to come very soon! Thanx for all the congrats and love!! x

Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Monaco

Yes… we’re so flippin lucky… we travelled through Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and Monaco to see this beautiful continent with sooo much to offer. We took a couple of shots… not too many to enjoy even more, capturing the moments more with our minds. More on Desmondlouw…. Happy weekend! x









While I visited friends, Des went to check out Berlin and took some awesome black and white shots. More here.

Goethe & Co.

Germany is … busy. I went to see as many friends as possible in Hannover, Weimar and Jena and had awesome blast-from-the-past-times. My recommendation to you is to watch the new movie out “Goethe”. It is excellent and I was so fortunate to watch it in the Goethe-town Weimar. Also, Desmond went to Berlin and watched people there, check it out here.

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