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Goldfisch in Hannover


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I studied in Hannover a few years and this was one of my very favourite spots: Goldfisch – a bar, a hang-out-place, where you could also get some yummy food and a ciabatta with tomatoe spread at midnight. Went there again in October and it still has it’s special feel. I love it. I miss it. In case you’re in Hannover, check it out. Come on, it’s Friday!!


Bücherschrank // bookcase

When I was in Germany a couple of weeks ago, I was reminded of the public bookcases they have in some cities. It’s such a cool thing… a big bookcase and in it lot’s of books… the idea, take one and bring another book you don’t need anymore and make someone happy that might find it… all for free.. I wonder if this would work here? x


Elisa is a very good friend of mine. We met, when both of us studied Psychology and stayed in touch throughout the years, when both of us went our own ways. Lisa is an artist and her works, way of life and more made me more curious in art. I was so lucky to spend a little bit of time with her in Weimar. Love, T


David used to be my boss at the radio station I worked for a couple of years ago. He’s a DJ and a man full of ideas and a guy to have a good laugh with. We worked in the music department, also know as “disco”. There I got my enthusiasm for radio… we became good friends and met up again while I was in Hannover… good times. x

Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Monaco

Yes… we’re so flippin lucky… we travelled through Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and Monaco to see this beautiful continent with sooo much to offer. We took a couple of shots… not too many to enjoy even more, capturing the moments more with our minds. More on Desmondlouw…. Happy weekend! x









While I visited friends, Des went to check out Berlin and took some awesome black and white shots. More here.

Goethe & Co.

Germany is … busy. I went to see as many friends as possible in Hannover, Weimar and Jena and had awesome blast-from-the-past-times. My recommendation to you is to watch the new movie out “Goethe”. It is excellent and I was so fortunate to watch it in the Goethe-town Weimar. Also, Desmond went to Berlin and watched people there, check it out here.

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