awesome biz-cards

i found this website long ago, wanna share it with you… since i sometimes design businesscards for friends… this site will be good inspiration


Beer &UNION Cape Town

Wer kein Bier hat, hat auch nichts zu trinken.

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yesterday I went for the 2nd time this week to &UNION in bree street in cape town – they have good beer plus they say it’s german plus the design is catching my eye. you must check it out… you might also get a bratwurst there…

ps: an interesting fact i find is that the owners of &UNION are the guys that started (&sold) vida e caffè .. they are 2 pretty young dudes.. good businessmen.. very inspiring.. it’s good to venture. x

&UNION ist ein Biersalon in Kapstadt – ich habe einen der beiden Inhaber  für interviewt.

smart or stupid?

… follow your heart but also use your brain, that’s what i say …

Hello world!

… a new try, a new blog… to collect whatever inspiring i find on the web, on the streets in cape town and everything that comes across my mind… enjoy!

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