vegetables as wedding decoration

Okay.. a few look-backs on our easy wedding: Since wedding decoration can be quite something… have too much icing, unnatural with flowers that are not in season… I wanted it simple, natural, in season and beautiful. I saw these beautiful carrots at my sister’s place… she got them from the market in stunning colors: yellow, red, purple, some that have a little bit of everything and of course orange ones.

With this, Nike made a nice minestrone… I love Italian soup… and the idea was born for our wedding decoration…

Des and I went to the market around the corner and bought carrots from the farmers…

.. at my parents house, we chose pieces of wood, put nails in and the carrots on top – it looked absolutely stunning (the artichokes we brought from France as well). Just rembember.. too much heat will make them “tired” and sloppy. I will use this deco anytime again… so easy and really cool! x

    • Liselle Mostert
    • November 10th, 2010

    It can only be 2 extremely creative souls like the two of you who can think of something like this…awesome….one day when I’m all grown up and have my own time and plan other peoples events, I can use this idea….great stuff.

  1. Ah! it is explained. I thought it was part of some European fertility custom or something – They look really cool. You guys have great ideas and it just shows, there are really a lot of beautiful stuff all around us all the time

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