Dale Yudelman

I had the privilege to hang out with the awesome photographer Dale Yudelman a couple of weeks ago and wrote a story… enjoy.

Reality according to Dale Yudelman

Capetonian photographer Dale Yudelman surprises with modesty and a super small camera


Artist’s Biography

Dale Yudelman was born in Johannesburg and was barely out of his teens when he started his professional career in 1979, as a staff photographer for The Star – South Africa’s largest daily newspaper. At the same time Yudelman worked on a personal project exploring life under apartheid in the suburbs of Johannesburg. After ten years working abroad in both London and Los Angeles, he returned to a democratic South Africa in 1996. His photographic series Reality Bytes and other projects have been widely showcased in South Africa, Europe and the USA.

Family encouragement was invaluable in the early years

Dale has lived and worked in Cape Town for the past 14 years. His CV bears testament to his numerous exhibitions and a string of accolades attained during his career. A recent highlight was an invitation to attend and show his work at the LUMO Photography Triennale in Finland.

Dale’s father Lou – a dentist by day and keen amateur photographer by night, occasionally used Dale’s bedroom as a make-shift darkroom to develop his black & white photographs: “I think the chemical residue seeped into my system and sealed my destiny to become a serial image maker,” Dale quipps.

At the impressionable age of twelve, he began to accompany his dad to the Camera Club of Johannesburg’s monthly meetings. His parents encouragement and  feedback from members of the Camera Club was invaluable in the early years. After school, Dale assisted a number of advertising photographers, whose passion for photography rubbed off on him. He gained valuable experience in the studio environment but was more drawn to the ‘real’ world of photojournalism. Landing a position at The Star was a turning point; he covered general news events for the next six years.
read the rest of the story on Dale Yudelman.

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