Pippi Langstrumpf

Heute ist eher graues Wetter – der richtige Zeitpunkt mal schnell meine Lieblingsserie zu sehen: Pippi Langstrumpf. Ein Glück habe ich viele auf DVD. x

Here you can get DVD’s and books of my hero Pippi Langstrumpf (Pippi Longstocking).

Viveca Serlachius is the Swedish actress, that played Pippi Langstrumpf (born, 2.3.1923; died 9.1.1993). I found a picture of her, when she was a little older (she still had a Pippi-look).

Pic found on unilang

    • Lina
    • January 22nd, 2011

    The actress pictured here is not Viveca Serlachius. This is Inger Nilsson, who played Pippi in the 1969 TV series and 1969-1970 films. Viveca was the first actress to play Pippi, but that was in 1949 (she was an adult). I’ve been unable to find a photo of Viveca in that role.

    fellow Pippi fan =)

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