Long Street

(South Africa 2009)

Director: Revel Fox

Cast: Sannie Fox, Roberta Fox, David Butler, (the late) Busi Mhlongo

Set in Cape Town, Long Street is an intimately rendered portrait of the fragile relationship between recovering drug addict Sia and her mother Maria. The two women have long since stopped trusting each other, and their relationship has collapsed into a simmering sea of anger and disappointment. But when a Zulu singer named Andiswa (Busi Mhlongo) enters their lives, her powerful presence and musical genius brings the mother and daughter together again. Andiswa uses the healing power of her voice to allow Sia and Maria to forge their relationship anew and discover things they didn’t know about each other and themselves.

This story is very close to Revel Fox own experience as a father dealing with his daughter’s heroin addiction and he cast his daughter and wife to play Sia and Maria who are both actresses and singers in their own right. The result is a powerful music driven film about contemporary middle class ennui in urban South Africa. Long Street is an authentic and gently moving film that tells its story with feeling, compassion and elegance.

Long Street screened at Durban International Film Festival 2009 (Competition); Pusan International Film Festival 2009, Kerala International Film Festival 2009, Pune International Film Festival 2010, bfi London Southbank, among others.

Both Sannie Fox and Roberta Fox received SAFTA nominations for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively.

LONG STREET will be released on 24 September 2010 at selected cinemas countrywide, including Cinema Nouveau.


My office is on Long Street… I say: go watch “Long Street” – the name of the movie confuses me a little, but nevertheless it’s quite an interesting piece. Awesome to see the own city in a movie….

more info here

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