artist Audrey Anderson

I went to both iArt galleries in Cape Town… one is in Loop Street, one in Wembley Square… they exhibit good South African contemporary artists. One that impressed me is Audrey Anderson…
check out her works  …

“Audrey Anderson is a painter who is influenced by elements in the vast landscape of the arts that tend to blur the distinction between fine and graphic art – a breakdown with which the traditional perception of “fine art” is becoming increasingly comfortable. Within her practise, Anderson’s main concern is the everyday. By creating a visual narrative around banal, often automated, activities of our everyday lives, Anderson highlights how much time is taken up by such moments, but also how much of our identities can be analysed through the ways in which we go about these tasks. By forcing the viewer to focus in on tiny details of our everyday lives that would otherwise go unnoticed, Anderson also brings more macrocosmic aspects of interpersonal and emotional relationships into view.”

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